Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rust and the Ambulances

Many people apparently think that the rust shown in the pictures of the infamous ambulance incident is proof that the damage is older than 23rd of July 06. As I will show with this posting, this is not quite the case.
I chose to ask people making their living with corrosion protection, and thus knowing a bit more about the matter than an average person who repaired maybe some cars in their live and thus has very limited knowledge. So far I got 3 answers, each one saying that such rusting is quite possible.

"Flash Rusting" actually is a well know phenomenon, this is what some sources on the web say:

Website dealing with Restoration of Camaros:
This will smoothe out the surface and prepare it for the first coat of metal primer. To prevent flash rust, it is best to prime ASAP after stripping, as bare metal will flash rust overnight.

Paper about ship hull cleaning:
A water-blasted bare steel surface will rapidly be covered by so-called "flash rust." Hull areas celaned to an SA-2 or SA-2.5 finish during SERVOJET trials at Tracor Marine showed this red layer of oxidation within a few hours of exposure to the humid Florida environment.

A guide to vacuum coating processing:
For example, if dry, cleaned tool steel is exposed to air, a "flash rust" will form that will prevent good adhesion of a deposited coating.

Report about the restoration of a old steam engine:
The workmanship was of such good quality and that there was little corrosion on the shaft but flash rusting began as soon as the surfaces were exposed.

Conclusion: As can be seen, bare metal/metal alloy surfaces can indeed rust very quickly. The phenomenon is widely known as "flash rust" and is a problem to many people restorating or repainting cars or machinery. Of course, this blog entry is no "proof" that the ambulances were damaged on 23 July, but it pretty much debunks the statements of people saying that there is no way it was damaged that date because of the rust.


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