Friday, August 11, 2006

Destruction in Beirut

Media reports often suggested that a large part of Beirut was destroyed. A few satellite images were published ( here ), on the first look giving the impression that a huge part of the city was flattened. Comparing this area with the whole city of Beirut though clearly shows that those images in fact don´t support the "Beirut destroyed" theory. Quite to the opposite, a certain area appears to have been destroyed selectively, but the surrounding structures look unscathed. What we´re looking at is the Haret Hreik quater, said to be a Hezbollah stronghold ( for example here ).

Destruction of Haret Hreik in satellite imagery ( (c) Digital Globe)

The same area marked in Google Earth:

Medium Distance:
And whole city view:

Conclusion: It appears that only few parts of Beirut have been destroyed. The most prominent part Haret Hreik, mentioned the most in the media in connection with the bombing of Beirut ( see also Google hits ) , is pictured above and represents only a small fraction of the city area.


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